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We provide consultations via email and phone regarding the import and export of the goods in Latvia, as well as various document preparation services. We assist in finding the most suitable mode of transportation and a partner for the specific case. If we don't know, we will find out, learn, and assist!


Representation of Interests:

  • Representation of interests in Latvian institutions: Customs, State Revenue service, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, state and non-governmental organizations, etc.

  • Representation of interests in foreign customs and foreign Chambers of Commerce and Industry

  • Exploration and implementation of customs and logistics networks in your potential recipient country


Document Delivery:

If necessary, after providing services, we organize both local and international delivery to deliver acquired certificates and other documents to the destination.


Services of Experienced Customs Brokers:

  • Processing of import declarations in Latvia

  • Processing of export declarations in Latvia


Legal Services for Export and Import:

  • Preparation of export/import contracts in Latvia

  • Preparation of various civil law contracts, evaluation of contract drafts

  • Representation in various civil and administrative legal matters, including representation in pre-trial and court proceedings. Preparation of procedural documents necessary for litigation

  • Public procurement-related services, including challenging and appealing requirements included in the procurement documentation, challenging and appealing procurement results.

  • Preparation of all kinds of documents to be submitted to the Commercial Register, representation in the Commercial Register

  • Consultations

Customs code (CN) classification for Your goods

Harmonized System (HS) customs code is an international nomenclature for the classification of products established by the World Customs Organization (WCO). It is a standardized system used globally to classify traded products for customs, statistical, and tariff purposes. The HS code is a numerical code assigned to each specific product, allowing for uniformity in customs declarations and facilitating international trade by ensuring that products are classified in a consistent manner across countries. The code typically consists of six digits, with more detailed classifications possible through additional digits in some countries.

In everyday language, the HS code is often referred to as the "CN" code, which stands for "Combined Nomenclature” code.

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