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Export Go: Simplifying Your Global Trade Journey
in Export and Import.


Our vision is to reduce export costs, optimize logistics, customs, and related processes. We aim to support manufacturers and distributors in Latvia, as well as businesses outside Latvia that purchase goods in Latvia and export to other markets. We have noticed that a significant number of existing and potential entrepreneurs are not well-informed or do not utilize the benefits offered by export facilitation measures. Therefore, it has become our mission to inform and assist. In 2023, we established a tailored training program for entrepreneurs at the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to help understand the necessity of export support measures and how to implement them.

In the export sector, we have been operating since 2018, engaging with more than 50 countries worldwide. Daily, we collaborate with manufacturing and distribution companies specializing in export markets, particularly outside the EU. Thanks to professional partners, we organize logistics for companies, handle non-standard customs procedures, and prepare various types of documents. When necessary, we mobilize additional resources to take decisive action in non-standard situations. We work with small, medium, and large enterprises, representing their interests in both local and global markets, within governmental and non-governmental organizations. Increasingly, we extend our services to individuals. Actively participating in business-related events and knowledge exchange with the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Ogre District Entrepreneurs Association (ONUB).

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