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Export Go: Simplifying Your Global Trade Journey
in Export and Import.


Pricing shown without VAT (VAT is not applicable).

Regular customers apply for better pricing.

EUR.1 and EUR-MED certificates

130 EUR pcs

Certificate of Origin

130 EUR

per physically issued version 

110 EUR

per digitally issued version

A.TR. certificate

75 EUR pcs

Export Declaration Processing in Latvia

50 EUR pcs

Import Declaration Processing in Latvia

65 EUR pcs

Preparation and Consultation on Export/Import Contracts

with Legal Assistance in Latvia

starting from 50 EUR h

ENG: Customs code (CN) classification for Your goods

30 EUR pcs

Logistics Specialist Services

starting from 30 EUR h

Representation of Interests in Latvian Authorities

(customs, State Revenue Service, Latvian Chamber of Commerce, etc.)

50 EUR h

Representation of Interests in Foreign Governmental and

Non-Governmental Organizations

75 EUR h

Uzņēmuma reģistrēšana REX sistēmā

300 EUR

Authorized Exporter status (AE)

Individual pricing

Authorized Economic Operator status (AEO)

Individual pricing

Consultations (via email, telephone)

30 EUR h

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